Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama Tee!!

i know, i know. the one guy we cant make fun of, OBAMA! i friggin hate this guy. why? for one, BOB doesnt like much of anybody. and two, he's got all these people drinking his kool aid, supporting his "change" rhetoric, when in actuality he's apart of the same system that we need "change" from. CFR. Big Business. Ficticious Wars on Terror & Drugs. World Government. this guy just ILLUMINATES change! (pun intended)

so, YES! i defaced the most beloved man in america! and, NO! BOB isnt voting for the black dude. and if youre not voting for obamachrist either, buy this shirt! hell, even if you are voting for obamamama, buy this shirt. why not? if anything, itll piss someone off, and isnt that what being american is all about?

Come visit the FISH market for YOUR obama tee!

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Anonymous said...

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