Sunday, September 28, 2008

R. Kelly vs Chris Hansen

R. Kelly tries to explain his side of the story to Chris Hansen of To Catch A Predator.

Friday, September 26, 2008

NEW Love Lockdown Video!!!

new kanye west video directed by Bob Fry "the FISH". what happens when you mix hip hop producer Kanye West, with an electronic voice box, and a cup of GAY? you get LOVE LOCKDOWN!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


as a black dude, i hear this word 100's of times a day, and it still makes me cringe everytime i hear it. they say it in all the popular rap songs. i hear little children use it in their daily vocabulary. well, BOB is here to tell you people that enough is ENOUGH! and NO, it doesnt matter whether you say it with an "A" at the end, or an "ER". the word has MEANING and HISTORY, and should not be used all willy-nilly!
its out of control, and we as black folks have to stop using the word completely. thats right, no more "SWAGGER" or "SWAGGA" or "SWAG" or any other variation of this word! its getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous. once upon a time the word "swagger" meant something. it was the highest honor to pay someone. it meant you had style, and stood above the rest. now? every nigga with a pair of skinny jeans, designer shades, $500 sneakers, or Louis/Gucci monograms claim to have it. you dont have "swag" because you paid a $2000 to dress like ur favorite rapper. you niggas need to STOP!

Obama Tee!!

i know, i know. the one guy we cant make fun of, OBAMA! i friggin hate this guy. why? for one, BOB doesnt like much of anybody. and two, he's got all these people drinking his kool aid, supporting his "change" rhetoric, when in actuality he's apart of the same system that we need "change" from. CFR. Big Business. Ficticious Wars on Terror & Drugs. World Government. this guy just ILLUMINATES change! (pun intended)

so, YES! i defaced the most beloved man in america! and, NO! BOB isnt voting for the black dude. and if youre not voting for obamachrist either, buy this shirt! hell, even if you are voting for obamamama, buy this shirt. why not? if anything, itll piss someone off, and isnt that what being american is all about?

Come visit the FISH market for YOUR obama tee!